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Time Machine


CPC upgrades

Clickbot +1 cheese/click

Click Machine +10 cheese/click

Macro Clicker +25 cheese/click

Click Replicator +75 cheese/click

Spam Clicker +150 cheese/click

Lunar Clickbot +280 cheese/click

Lunar Click Machine +475 cheese/click

Lunar Macro +700 cheese/click

Quantum Click Replicator +950 cheese/click

Divine Clicker +2000 cheese/click

Divine Click Machine +5000 cheese/click

CPS upgrades

Hand Mixer +1 cheese/sec

Food Processor +5 cheese/sec

Cheese Factory +20 cheese/sec

Cheese Mine +60 cheese/sec

Cheese Quarry +180 cheese/sec

Moon Cheese Miner +300 cheese/sec

Moon Cheese Excavator +500 cheese/sec

Moon Cheese Quarry +750 cheese/sec

Quantum Cheese Mine +1000 cheese/sec

Divine Cheese Quarry +2000 cheese/sec

Divine Quantum Cheese Mine +5000 cheese/sec


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